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Product Overview

number1Programmable Pulse Generator (PG-100)

The PG-100 is a programmable pulse generator that can optionally be configured as an optical pulse generator or an fiber-coupled optical pulse picker. Pulse repetition rates can vary from 10 of MHz to several GHz with pulse-widths from <100 ps to several ns. The PG-100 is a valuable laboratory tool for impulse response testing, comb generation, lidar, and nonlinear fiber optics. - More Info

number4Deterministic Fiber Polarization State Generator (DFPG-100)

The DFPG-100 is a deterministic fiber polarization state generator that can be paired with an internal laser or a user's laser to generate a deterministically controllable output polarization. The internal laser can be either fully tunable over the 1550 nm C-band or it can be a fixed laser with limited tunability of +/- 1 nm. - More Info